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Request Aid

New technology lets us reach you more directly & instantaneously to provide you with the aid you need to prosper.
Let us know what you need for your community to prosper such as food, clean water, vitamins, medicine, energy, internet,
electronics, essential goods, environmental cleanup, education, job opportunities, shelter or other humanitarian aid.

Tell us what you need.

Thanks for submitting!

Your identity will be kept private & we will erase your information from our servers after we've documented your request.
If you do not wish to include your personal information please enter 'anonymous' or other point of contact in relevant fields.


If you need immediate assistance
contact your local authorities. 

The Live Support Chat is reserved for reporting real-time global events that need immediate attention where lives are at stake.
Please only request aid with this method with discretion to ensure only dire situations are being addressed by volunteer teams.
Examples: Recent natural or unnatural disaster

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