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Israel Palestine

Date of Commencement: 01/01/2024
Israel agrees to an immediate ceasefire & to stop expanding their borders.
There will be no new conquering of land or surrendering of land. There will be no looking back at history & pointing to land to say its yours
& not another's. Almost 1/4th of Israel's population is Palestinians & so under this treaty peace will be created by changing the paradigm of relations between the poorly treated Palestinians & their perceived oppressor's being Israel & the west. The field of human psychology shows us how this multi-generational hatred & resentment breeds radical extremist ideations & ultimately terrorism like what we saw on the 7th that killed 1500 people. However, when Israel has now killed 12,000 in response we have to understand how that created a new army of Palestinians who now hate Israel even more than Hamas. It is from their trauma, scarcity & desperation that fellow humans resort to horrific terrorism. Under this treaty through a peaceful arbitration the Israeli government & the west will invest in raising the living standards for Palestinians within Israel's borders & the surrounding regions. Under this treaty Israel agrees to an immediate ceasefire & to stop expanding their borders. The existence of western civilization & Israel has contributed to the overall modern technological advancement of the rest of humanity, including for the Arab world. Now what will be prioritized is the increased stability of Palestinians & increased security of Israel's borders & the Israeli people. Additionally the Palestinian government & democratic election system will be supported by the global community to allow people to be able to select the leadership willing to make peace. Under this treaty the current leadership of Palestine & the Palestinian people will stop hating the Jews based on previous resentments as long as Israel is no longer expanding their borders or acting with inhumane treatment. What is there to hate if your prosperity & freedom is increased beyond your current condition by your once perceived oppressors who no longer oppress you? Can the world expect that the Israeli people & Jewish populations will not be targeted by this deep-rooted hate? Let's invest in Palestine & freeing them from their own lack of good government & lack of modern prosperity to quell relations & restore order to the regions. Following the commencement of this treaty the Israeli government will have
10 days to announce their new pro-Palestine initiatives & investment agenda.
Benjamin Netanyahu
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Palestinian Leaders
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Palestinian Leaders
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President Trump
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This treaty is an international contractual document issued by The People's Vault in

good faith between relevant parties in the pursuit of peace & freedom for all citizens. 

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