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House The Homeless

When you know someone or see someone that is homeless direct them to The People's Vault to Request Aid. 
A P.V. Volunteer Team will immediately go to their location to arrange for their transportation to the nearest
3D Printed Skyscraper Homeless Shelter for them to live in. They will get free food, jobs & supplies to raise their
level of living. They will get their own living quarters, daily education, nutrient enriched food, healthcare &
rehabilitation. An artificial intelligent mainframe on each floor uses sensors that let it detect all spaces on that
floor & keep track of each resident. The point is that while you're staying if you want you can work, but you don't
get paid right away. They're given for free everything they need to thrive, but they're not given money, because it's being saved up FOR THEM until they've earned $5000. When they reach that level they originally agreed to have that money invested for them in

At the end of their stay they earned a sum of money that they originally agreed would be used to buy their own
residency at one of our 

Are you a small to large business or operating entity?
You & your employees are completing tasks that can
be made 'virtual' & completed by anyone with a brain.
Click here to connect with a P.V. Volunteer Team to
strategize your Virtual Task Delegation Opportunities.  

Put together a list of tasks that need to be completed
to allow for someone without opportunity to work for
a wage. They don't have a valid ID, documentation or
any jobs near them to work at. The wages you pay them
are considered charitable donations. 

What our platform is doing is providing a database &
middle man for the transactions. What you donate for
this cause is used as wages to pay poor people who will
have the opportunity to do some work for you online.

Not only online tasks, but also tasks in real life that
are simple like sorting or printing copies can be done
with robotics & virtual reality or normal computer
interfacing. You have to realize the potential of how
easy it is to delegate physical tasks in this way &
we will help you strategize the best ways to delegate
those daily actions you & your employees are making
that someone else can do easily. 

When we accomplish executing this project we can
finally provide extremely valuable opportunity for
anyone in the world with internet access or that
is near a P.V. Job Center. Now when someone
requests aid in the form of job opportunities we
can give them an opportunity to work for you.


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