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The Peace Deal

Ukraine, Russia & NATO Treaty 2023

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

President of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin

President of Russia

Jens Stoltenberg

Secretary General of NATO

Joe Biden

President of United States

Putin agrees to immediately withdraw from occupation in Ukraine & will no longer
invade under the following conditions agreed to by Ukraine, the US & NATO:


1. Ukraine will remain a Non-Nuclear-Weapon State.
2. Ukraine will not enter NATO or be recognized by NATO forces.
3. Ukraine & Crimea will be NEUTRAL territory without military forces.
4. Ukrainian forces will immediately de-militarize & cease military operations.
5. The US & NATO will immediately stop funding & militarizing Ukraine.

6. NATO will not militarize or nuclearize any of Russia's border states. 
7. Russia will immediately withdraw from occupation in Ukraine & Crimea.




Your Signature Is Authorized.


It's simple. When we all sign this treaty & don't elect leaders that refuse to
we're able to then know who isn't for a pro-human future & who wants it.
There's grave moral & ethical concerns in fields of new science & technology
that are highly technical requiring expertise to understand the extreme risks of.
This treaty educates our people & elected officials with the knowledge they
need to know for them to salvage & preserve the fate of all future generations.
They can no longer plead ignorance or ignore the urgent matters at hand.
You can no longer plead ignorance or ignore the urgent matters at hand.

Total Signatures: 0,000,022,895

Gene-Editing & Synthetic Biology, Neuromorphics, Nanotechnologies, Nuclearization, 
Artificial Intelligences, Space Capitalism & Terraforming, Digital Currencies, Assets & Smart Contracts, VR Engagement & Gear, Digital ID's & Passports, Biometric Sensors Data Storage
& Collection, Human-Animal Hybrids, Unethical Experiments & Patents, Geo-Engineering, Transhumanism & Bionics, Life-Extension Drugs & Treatments, Quantum Technologies.


Essential Regulatory Directives, Transparency & Oversight

New science & technology has created opportunities to maximize global
prosperity while also threatening our very existence. 
In the last 5 years
we advanced more than in all of recorded history & now we have to put
an end to unethical developments. Sign this treaty & share it with others
to only elect leaders that prove they are committed to preserving natural
law & order. As well as prove they are for a pro-human future where no
person is forced to comply with any form of global governance or form
of technocracy. Now we can provide the proper education as to what new

moral & ethical shortcomings need to be addressed, like those listed below.


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